Grading Policy

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<td 421??="" top??="" valign="top"> <div lipsum??="">Every student will start the nine weeks with the grade of 100. Nine week grades will consist of  Physical Education grades and Health grades (class participation, classwork, and test). A participation grade will be given every three weeks for P.E. Each time a student does not dress out, five points will be deducted from 100.
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<div lipsum??="">Example:  If a student does not dress out three time withing a three week period, their grade would be an 85.
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<div lipsum??="">**If a student dress out and chooses not to participate, five points will be deducted from the student's grade as well.
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<div lipsum??="">Students will particpate in various health lessons at least one week each month. Topics that wil be covered include: Physical Fitness for Life, Nutrition for Life, CPR and First Aide, Drugs, Alcohol, Suicide Prevention, and etc.
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<div lipsum??="" align="left">                   Dressing out and Participation:      50%                     
<div lipsum??="" align="left">                   Health:                                            25%
<div lipsum??="" align="left">                   Final Exam:                                     25%    
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<div lipsum??=""> * Students can be exempt from exam according to the Exam Exemption Policy which includes attendance and grade requirements.
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<div lipsum??="">93-100 = A
<div lipsum??="">85-92 =   B
<div lipsum??="">78-84 =   C
<div lipsum??="">70-77 =   D
<div lipsum??=""><70 =     F
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<div lipsum??="">      <div lipsum??="" align="center">Classroom Rules: <div lipsum??="" align="left">  <div lipsum??="" align="left">1.  Respect your coaches, classmates, and yourself. <div lipsum??="" align="left">2.  Each student will have 5 minutes to dress out. <div lipsum??="" align="left">3.  Dress out in the locker room only. <div lipsum??="" align="left">4.  Dress appropriately for outside and inside.  (No excuses about the weather). <div lipsum??="" align="left">5.  Remain in class with your teacher at all times. <div lipsum??="" align="left">6.  No students are allowed in the gym lobby without permission. <div lipsum??="" align="left">7.  No students are allowed in the coach's office without permission. <div lipsum??="" align="left">8.  No food, drinks, gum, or candy will be allowed during class. <div lipsum??="" align="left">9.  Students that have injuries, sickness or unable to participate for health reasons must have a Doctors note to be excused. <div lipsum??="" align="left">10.  After students dress back into their school clothes report inside of the gym until the bell rings. <div lipsum??="" align="left">11.  After the second time the student does not dress out, contact will be made to the parent. <div lipsum??="" align="left">12.  The third or more times a student does not dress out, they will be sent to I.S.S. <div lipsum??="" align="left">13.  Everyone must participate in class. <div lipsum??="" align="left">14.  No hazing or bullying is allowed in class or in the locker rooms. <div lipsum??="" align="left">15. If a student does not dress out they will be required to help in cleaning facilities, book work, or walk duration of class period. <div lipsum??="" align="left">  <div lipsum??="" align="center">Dress Attire: <div lipsum??="" align="left">  <div lipsum??="" align="left">-  T-shirts/sweatshirts/jackets <div lipsum??="" align="left">-  Shorts/sweat pants/wind pants (NO JEANS) <div lipsum??="" align="left">-  Socks <div lipsum??="" align="left">-  Tennis shoes/running shoes (NO BOOTS OR FLIP FLOPS) <div lipsum??="">                    <div lipsum??=""> 

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