Math I Syllabus

Math 1

Mathematics Southern Wayne High School  2017 to 2018 School Year


Prerequisites: 8th Grade Math 

Credits: 1 Math Credit





Name: Mrs. S. Lassiter D.

Planning: 1st 8:15 – 9:30

After School: Mondays also available after school any day (make appointment in person, by phone, or via email).
School Phone: 919-705-6060


ROOM: 104

TEXT: Algebra 1


Based on the NC Standard Course of Study for Mathematics, NC Math 1 reflects on 6 conceptual categories: Number & Quantity; Algebra; Functions; Geometry; Statistics & Probability; and Modeling. While all six conceptual categories are addressed, particular emphasis will be given to Algebra and Functions. Topics covered include: extending the properties of exponents to rational exponents; reasoning quantitatively and using units to solve problems; seeing structure in expressions (linear expressions, integer exponents, quadratic expressions); performing arithmetic operations on polynomials; creating equations (linear and exponential); reasoning with equations and inequalities (linear and exponential); interpreting functions (linear and exponential); building functions; constructing and comparing linear and exponential models; experimenting with transformations in the plane; expressing geometric properties with equations; explaining volume formulas and using them to solve problems; and interpreting categorical and quantitative data. Graphing calculators will be used to explore various standards. At the end of this course, the student will take the NC READY End-of-Course Test for NC Math 1.


Students are expected to bring #2 pencils, eraser, composition notebook (students may need to purchase 2 for the semester), and loose leaf paper with them to class each day. The use of a graphing calculator is required, and a classroom set is provided to students while in school. While students may use any graphing calculator, the instruction in the course uses the TI-83 Plus. The TI-84 Plus is very similar and can be used as well.



  1. Be Responsible
  2. Be Respectful (of self, others, teachers, and learning environment)
  3. Be on Time
  4. Be Aware of the Cell phone and Technology policy. Technology including cell phones should be used only for instruction otherwise should not be seen.
  5. Adhere to all Southern Wayne High school and Wayne County Public Schools



Brief Description

Grade Percentage

Class Work

Participation in work completed in the classroom setting. This includes but is not limited to: Warm-Ups, Worksheets, Vocabulary, and Active Class Participation. Work must be shown to receive credit.




This includes all work completed independently as homework assignments. Work must be shown to receive credit



This is a form of assessment. Be prepared to have a quiz every day. Quizzes will follow after each lesson and may contain previous lessons




This is a form of assessment that is given after a unit. This may also contain previous lessons to build on help you remember topics taught earlier in the semester



Your grade will be determined using the following scale:

                                                            90% - 100%                  A

                                                            80% - 89%                    B

                                                            70% - 79%                    C

                                                            60% - 69%                    D

                                                            59% and below              F         


1st  QI 9 weeks 40%

2nd Q2 9 weeks 40%

Final Exam       20%


Students having more than six (6) unexcused absences for this class period will be in immediate jeopardy of not receiving credit for the course.

Students must be present a minimum of one hour to be counted present for the class period.

● Students have five (5) student days to turn in makeup work immediately upon their return to school.



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