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Hello Parents and Students!!!!

Welcome to my website. This semester I am teaching
Math 3-Standard and Advanced Functions and Modeling. In Math 3, we will be covering the following Units:

I. Functions and their Inverses
II. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
III. Polynomial Functions
IV. Modeling with Geometry
V. Rational Functions
VI. Reasoning with Circles, Parallelograms, Triangles
VII. Trigonometric Functions
VIII. Statistics

We will be using Pearson books Geometry and Algebra 2.

The Pearson website: Pearson SuccessNet

Khan Academy: Khan Academy

Additional Algebra 2 book (Prentice Hall): Prentice Hall Algebra 2 Textbook

In Advanced Functions and Modeling, we will be covering the following units:

I. Linear Relations and Functions
II. Polynomial and Rational Functions
III. Statistics and Data Analysis
IV. Combinatorics and Probability
V. Exponential and Logarithmic Function
VI. The Trigonometric Functions
VII. Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
VIII. Sequences and Series



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