Course Expectations

Geometry Course Expectations
In Algebra 1, students will learn how to perform operations with real numbers and variables.  Students will use these mechanics to explore Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential functions.  Students will investigate how these functions graphs, tables, and equations relate.  Students will apply their knowledge of these functions to solve problems.  Students will have to keep an organized notebook that must meet criteria laid out in the guidelines.   It is very important for students to have good class participation and to study their material outside of class.
Coach Lee's Classroom Rules:
1)  Come to class prepared.
2)  Respect yourself and your peers.
3)  Work up to your abillity
4)  Take Responsibility for your own learning
5)  Follow all school rules stated in handbook
Grading Procedures:
Grades will be divided into 3 categories.  They are Tests, Quizzes, and Homework/Classwork. 
Tests  -->   50% of 9 weeks grade
Quizzes  -->   40% of 9 weeks grade
Homework/ Classwork  -->   10% of 9 weeks grade
Students will take a test at the end of each chapter covered.  On the day of the test, students will have an opportunity to ask questions on concepts they do not understand.  Students will take between 4 and 6 tests per 9 weeks.  Student notebooks will be taken up once each 9 weeks and graded according to the guidelines given to students.  The notebook grade will count as a test grade each 9 weeks.
Students will take 2 or 3 daily quizzes per week.  Quizzes will test students knowledge of material covered the previous day or 2.  Quizzes will usually be announced.  They will consist of 1 to 10 questions and take less than 10 minutes.   I usually have enough quiz grades to drop the lowest 2 or 3 quizzes.
Any assignment that is not considered a Test or a Quiz will be considered Homework/Classwork.  These assignments may be taken up without prior notice.  All Homework/Classwork will be graded exclusively on effort.  To recieve full credit, students must work every problem on the assignment and show their work for all applicable problems.
End of Course Exam:
Algebra 1 is an End of Course Tested subject.  Students must make a level 3 on the End of Course Test to receive course credit.

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