TEACHER: Yashwant Natoo                                                                                                              ROOM: 103



COURSE: Advanced Functions & Modeling                                 Period : 1’st ,2’nd & 3rd


PREREQUISITE: Math2 & Math 3


DESCRIPTION:   Advanced Functions and Modeling provides students an in-depth study of modeling and applying functions. Home, work, recreation, consumer issues, public policy, and scientific investigations are just a few of the areas from which applications should originate. Appropriate technology, from manipulatives to calculators and application software, should be used regularly for instruction and assessment..



TEXTBOOK: Advanced Mathematical Concepts, Glencoe, 2004                       $65.50


COURSE                                                                                                                                  TEACHING

OUTLINE:                                              UNITS                                                                           TIME

                I.   Linear Relations and Functions (1)                5 days                                 

          II.  Polynomial and Rational Functions(4)           8 days
   III. Statistics and Data Analysis(14)                     17 days
   IV.  Combinatorics and Probability(13)                15 days
   V.   Exponential and Logarithmic Functions(11)   15 days                             
   VI.  The Trigonometric Functions (5)                    15 days
  VII. Graphs of Trigonometric Functions (6)           15 days         



COMMENTS:                1. Homework is a very important part of the learning process for mathematics.    

           Students will be given assignments to be completed outside of class.

2. Students will be able to use scientific and graphing calculators for classwork, homework, and          evaluation.

3. Students will be given opportunities to improve their problem-solving skills.


GRADE:           The final average for the each 9-weeks will be computed using the following formula:


Classwork                                                            20%

Quizzes                                                                20%

                                                     Test                                                                     40%

                                                     Notebook                                                             10%

                                                     Homework                                                           10%

                        The final average for the semester will be computed using the following formula:


1st 9-weeks                                                         40%

2nd 9-weeks                                                        40%

Final Exam                                                          20%



Grading Scale:                        A   90 – 100

                                                B   80 –  89

                                                C   70 –  79

                                                D   60 –  69

                                                F   below 60



Classroom Policies and Procedures:

SUPPLIES NEEDED:            

Ø  Three-ring Binder and Dividers

Ø  Pencils

Ø  Loose Leaf Paper

Ø  Graph Paper

Ø  4-AAA-batteries

Ø  Other supplies may be needed later (ample notice will be given)

      ***   Ti84 calculator for homework

CLASS RULES:         

Ø  Come to class prepared.

Ø  Work quietly and remain in your seat, unless otherwise directed.

Ø  No sleeping, eating, or drinking in class.

Ø  Be in your seat and working when the bell rings.

Ø  Respect others and their property.

Ø  All Southern Wayne High School and Wayne County School System policies/rules

      are also in effect for this class.



Ø  Upon entering the room, students should

o   Get our their homework  and materials

o   Have pencils sharpened and

o   Begin working on the assignment posted on the board, overhead or desk.



Ø  Students may be asked to work together for certain assignments. At these times, students should talk quietly, work together, share materials and ideas, and stay on task.

Ø  The majority of the student’s work will be done independently. No form of communication or use of unauthorized resources during quizzes or tests will be tolerated.

Ø  Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions during class. Students should not interrupt, argue, or ignore any other person.

Ø  All work on homework, quizzes, or tests must be shown to receive credit. Answers only are not acceptable.

Ø  Assignments will not be accepted late unless the student was absent when the work is assigned or due.

Ø  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what assignments were missing when absent and to get the missed notes.

Ø  Absences will not excuse a student from turning in previously assigned work on the day he/she returns to class.

Ø  Missed assignments/tests must be made up within two days of returning to class.

Ø  Missed quizzes are to be made up immediately upon return.




Students can make arrangements with me to work Monday through Thursday on an individual basis.

A website is available: where you can find some additional videos and extra assignments to help.

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