Dear Parents,

     I’m looking forward to working with your child this semester in my English class. I would like for you to be aware of some important information so that things can run smoothly for all of us. All policies and procedures in the Parent/ Student Handbook received by your child in homeroom the first week of school will be followed and enforced in my class.

     I would like for you to feel free to contact me anytime you would like to check on your child.  You may do that by calling the school’s number and leaving a message on my voicemail.  I will call you back as soon as possible.  You also have the option of emailing me at

     Please read this sheet in its entirety, detach and sign the parent signature sheet attached to the back, and have your child return it to me 

tomorrow. In addition, I am also sending a Parent Information form home today.  Please fill it out and return it with your child tomorrow as well.  Both of these will be your child’s very first homework grades, and this will be an easy opportunity for two easy 100s!!!!!  If any of the information on the Parent Information changes during the semester, it is vital for you to contact me and the front office so that we can keep the line of communication wide open! 


Materials Needed Include:

 A one inch 3 ring binder, notebook paper, pencils or pens (blue or black only)


Classroom Rules:

1.        Cell Phone/ Electronic Devices/ Ear buds/ Headphones:  NONE of these should be visible or used in this classroom. I WILL ENFORCE THE POLICY IN THE PARENT STUDENT HANDBOOK!!!!!

2.        All students should be in my classroom and seated WHEN THE TARDY BELL RINGS!  I will administer a tardy for the class period in Power School, and disciplinary action will be taken by administrators.

3.        Respect others and their property

4.        No sleeping in class. 

5.        NO TALKING UNLESS RECOGNIZED BY THE TEACHER!  We are here to work, not socialize or disrupt!!!!

6.        One letter grade per day will be subtracted for ANY late assignments!!!!!

7.        Do not bring food or drinks into my classroom!  If you have a medical need to eat or drink in my classroom, I need medical documentation!

8.        No visits to lockers or water fountains will be made during class.  DON’T ASK! The Answer will be NO!!!!!!!!

9.        You will be allowed to go to the restroom 3 times per nine weeks.  I will keep documentation.  If you have a medical issue in which you need to visit the restroom more often than this, medical documentation is required!!!!!!


Attendance and Makeup Work:

     Regular attendance to school is essential! Students having 6 or more absences for any class period is in immediate Jeopardy of NOT receiving course credit. If your child is absent, he or she is required to bring documentation to their first period teacher or the office upon the return to school. Students must be present a minimum of ONE HOUR to be counted present for the class period. Please make every effort to make regular appointments, etc. after school hours as much as possible.  English is a rigorous course, and missing one day of class really puts a student at a disadvantage!!!

     When students do miss school for any reason (including fieldtrips) they have 5 school days to make up any tests, quizzes, homework, etc.  If for some reason there is an extended period of absence that cannot be prevented, exceptions may be made on an individual basis. It is the responsibility of the student to find out what he or she is missing and to get all assignments made up!  There are few convenient times during the regular school day to make up tests or other assignments missed.  Therefore, students should make arrangements to stay after school to complete any assignment that cannot be completed at home.  


Course Syllabus for English 11 Standard and Honors:

     Juniors study American Literature.  This will require a basic understanding of American history, and for that reason we will have brief history lessons prior to each literary period we study. We will begin with early American literature and continue through each literary period in order.  We will read multiple large pieces or larger units of literature, and most major test grades will come from major pieces/units.  Students will be required to keep and turn in a notebook each nine weeks for a major test grade.  The notebook will consist of all notes, vocabulary exercises, grammar exercises, etc. that we have covered for the nine weeks. Students will use the three ring binder required for the class to keep all items for the notebook check.  They will receive a due date and list of items in the order that they should appear near the end of each nine weeks.  Other components of the course are as follows:


1.        Literature:  We will be reading a various genres of literature including novels, dramas, short stories, poems, essays, etc.  Both standard and honors classes will read a minimum of two large works per nine weeks.   

2.        Writing:  All students in English 11 will be required to write journal entries.  There will be additional literature based essays assigned periodically. By far the largest writing assignment for this course is the research paper.  We will spend some time in class on this research paper. However, it will also require time outside of class as well.  This paper will be written in MLA style of documentation, must have 3-5 sources that must be documented within the paper, and must be 3- 5 typed pages in length. Grades on formal papers and essays will count as major test grades.

3.        Vocabulary and Grammar:  These are essential to the development of strong reading, writing, communication, and collaboration skills important for 21st century learners.  They will both be aligned with and correlate with literature, writing, and state standards.  Students will also be assessed according to their incorporation of these skills in their speaking and writing.

4.        North Carolina Final Exams: These are state mandated exams that will be administered at the end of the semester. NO STUDENT IS EXEMPT!  Each student’s score will count 20% of his or her semester average.



Methods of Grading:

1.        Wayne County Public Schools has adopted the 10 point grading scale below:






F=Below 60



2.        Each category of grades for my class is weighted differently.  Grade categories and weights for my classes are as follows:


1st nine weeks average

2nd nine weeks average




The average of Major grades: tests, projects, papers/essays, nine weeks notebooks & other summative assessments



The average of class work & homework grades: vocabulary activities, grammar activities, reading/study guides, non formal papers & other summative assessments



The average of all grades on journal entries



Quiz Grades- The average of short periodic formative assessments during the teaching process.









The first and second nine weeks averages each count as 40 % of the total semester final average, and the North Carolina Final Exam will count as 20% of the total semester final average.



































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