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Syllabus for Junior English (11th grade)

Holly King

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Available 4th period planning and after school on Wednesdays; other days by request


Welcome back to school. I hope you are looking forward to an exciting and productive semester. The following outlines the structure of this course, the supplies you will need, the grading scale, and the classroom rules.

            The main focus of this course is American Literature. English III “allows the student to refine mastered grammatical skills in the development of critical analyses, expository essays, and personal narratives. Reading comprehension skills are refined through the study of American literature in relation to the history and development of America. Emphasis is placed on the expansion of vocabulary (SAT included), and reading comprehension” (WCPS course catalog).


The class rules are as follows:

                        1. Come to class on time and prepared to learn.

                        2. Be respectful to your teacher, your classmates, and yourself.

                        3. No cheating!

                        4. The teacher will dismiss the class; the bell will not.

                        5. No eating, drinking, or grooming in class.

                        6. County and school rules concerning cell phones will be followed; more information will follow.


            We will be reading novels, completing grammar exercises, and working on writing, including a research paper. Copies of the assigned novels will be provided to students, and there will be a $10 fine if these are lost or damaged.


            You will need the following materials for this class:

                        -A three-ring binder (at least one inch)

                        -Loose leaf paper

                        -Dividers (minimum of five)

                        -Pencil or blue or black pen

-Creative materials (markers, crayons, etc. (optional because some will be provided in class)


*If you are taking AP in the spring, you will need to read the Summer Reading books and complete the work.


            Grading System:

            40% - major tests, formal papers, projects, etc.

            25% - vocabulary quizzes

            20% - classwork/homework

            15% - journals


            WCPS grading scale:

            A = Excellent               =90-100

            B = Good                     =80-89

            C = Average                 =70-79

            D = Poor                      =60-69

            F = Failing                    =Below 60


            You are responsible for completing make-up work. It must be completed within five days after you return from your absence. You will be provided a list of what you missed.

             It is important that you are in class everyday. We cover a great deal of material during each class period, especially when we begin the research paper process. If you have to be out, then you need to be responsible and make up the work. Students having more than 6 unexcused absences for this class period will be in immediate jeopardy of not receiving credit for the course. Students must be present a minimum of one hour to be counted present for the class period.

During the semester, if you find that you have questions or need extra assistance, ASK IMMEDIATELY!

There will be homework assignments, but not an excessive amount. I do not assign homework without purpose; therefore, when there is homework assigned, you are expected to have it complete and ready to turn in the next day.

            If you come in this class with a good attitude, ready to listen, and ready to work hard, this semester will be a success!




                                                                                                            Holly King


AP English Expectations/Procedures


Please complete every assignment on an AP level.

Please be on time and ready to work; there will be time for talking to one another later.

Please read every assignment when due so that you will be prepared to discuss them in detail with the class.

Use complete sentences and correct grammar.

Use your time wisely.

Make up work within the five days after the day you return from being absent.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Do not whine and complain.  Listen when directions are given.



Journal Procedure

When assigned a journal, stay on topic and provide a response of ½ to one full page.

Label what journal number it is.


Vocabulary Procedure

On every Monday, every student will be expected to bring a vocabulary word to be included on the vocabulary test each Friday.

(The first week, I will provide all twenty words.)

I will provide each student with an index card.  On one side, you should put the word and the definition, as well as the part of speech.  On the other side, you should come up with some way that will help you and your classmates remember the word (picture, word association, ect.)

You will be required to “teach” the class what your word means so that they can add that word to the list.

For the tests, you should be able to identify the part of speech, be able to place the word in an appropriate sentence, as well as be able to identify the meaning of the word.  Sometimes there will be analogies to solve as well.


Writing Procedure

When asked to write a response in this class, you need to remember that this is AP level, and on the exam, you will be judged as to how well you answer the prompt and how well you present your response.  For questions requiring short answers, make sure to use complete sentences.  For essays, stop thinking “how long?” or “it needs to be five paragraphs.”  You will always need a solid introduction with a solid thesis and a solid conclusion.  The body will be made up of you providing an education, supported response to the prompt.  You are in charge of the organization.


Notebook Sections

I suggest dividing notebook into the following sections:  Notes (notes taken during lecture and class and any reviews that are given)  Writing (writing prompts, small writing assignments, writing tips/info./handouts, journal entries, and author’s purpose assignments)  Vocabulary (lists and work associated with voc.)   Grammar (notes and worksheets)   Class work/Homework (includes work done in class/home and anything else that is not included in other sections.


Author’s Purpose

For EVERY piece that you read and this includes AP readings and essays that we read, you are to provide your assessment of what you think the author’s purpose was for writing the piece.  Needs to be long enough to explain the purpose clearly.  (Longer pieces call for more explanation).


Dear parent or guardian,


I am pleased to have your son or daughter in my class this semester. With cooperation on all our parts, it will be a successful one. Generally, your child will receive constant feedback on his or her progress in my class. Unfortunately, this information does not always reach you, the parent. He or she will receive, on average, a progress report every three weeks, and of course, he or she will be issued a report card at the end of each nine weeks. I am also diligent about notifying the parents of my students whenever the need arises, positive or negative. However, I welcome and urge you to be invested in the progress of your child in my class by contacting me at any time.

It is even more important this semester, as this is the time when your child will complete his or her research paper portion of the Graduation Project. You should have already been receiving information about this from your child and the school. It is now mandated that all students complete the eight to ten page paper associated with the Graduation Project during the semester they take eleventh grade English. I will be teaching them the information they need to do this. Please understand that while they will be provided resources, lessons, information, and assistance in the writing of this paper, it is their responsibility to find the time to devote to this paper outside of school. Not only is this paper a requirement for their project, it has now taken the place of the previous research paper for my class. So it will also count towards fulfilling the requirements of their eleventh grade English class. It is vital that each student work hard to meet the expectations of the class, so that they have enough time and energy to devote to the research and writing of this paper. Please do all that you can to help them have regular attendance and be diligent about making up any missed work in a timely manner.

Together, we can make this a simple and rewarding experience. If you have any questions or concerns, my planning period is during first period this semester, and you can reach me after school until at least 4:00 or 4:30 most days. The school number is 705-6060 and my extension is 4288; my email address is Please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you,




Holly King

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