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Amanda Beck
Room 110

English I classes are currently working on: (Current unit listed at the bottom in red)

1. DGP- Daily Grammar Practice is a bell ringer activity in which students learn and review: parts of speech, parts of a sentence, types of clauses and sentences, punctuation, and capitalization.

2. MUG Shots- grammar practice in editing sentences which are incorrect. This is done every Tuesday and Thursday.

3. Vocabulary- Every week students will get vocabulary words on Monday (Honors- 20 words, Standard- 10 words).  Students will complete assignments throughout the week using these words.  They will be tested on these words on Fridays.

4.  Literary Terms- students will learn at least one term every week. Students will also learn terms throughout work done with class readings.

5. An epic unit. Students will work  on Homer's epic The Odyssey. At the end of this unit students will have an writing assignment which will count as a QUIZ grade.  Students will also have Socratic discussion questions to get them thinking on a deeper level about concepts presented in The Odyssey. After the epic students will work on a novel unit on Of Mice and Men.  Students will have to complete a study guide while reading, and will have both Socratic discussion questions and an essay at the end of the unit.  The essay will count as a MAJOR grade.

1st period -  English I Honors
2nd period - Planning
3rd period -  Journalism II-IV
4th period -  English I Honors

Available to meet:
Ms. Beck is available to meet during her planning period or after school.  Please arrange the meeting prior to the day you would like to meet.

Afterschool help:
Ms. Beck will be after school every Wednesday to help students.  Students need to arrange to stay after on Wednesday by Tuesday at 3:15pm.

Amanda L. Beck 
Room: 110  
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