Letter to Parents


Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Welcome to Southern Wayne High School and the English Department. The curriculum for our department is based on the Basic Education Plan of North Carolina and Wayne County Public Schools’ English/ Language Arts Standard Course of Study. This structured program is designed to challenge skilled students and to prepare all students for success in future endeavors.

The basic requirements for each nine weeks will include:

-Two novels (provided by the school).

-One vocabulary quizzes a week, Standard- 10 words, Honors- 20 words.  Quizzes will also include definitions, sentences and analogies.

-A minimum of 10 journals entries.

Students will also read short stories, poetry, nonfiction, drama, and an epic. The method of grading used each nine weeks will be the following scale:

-40% major test, projects, essays

-25% vocabulary/ reading quizzes

-20% homework/ classwork

-15% journal entries (a minimum of 30)

An Exam will be given during the scheduled exam period at the end of the semester. This exam will evaluate critical reading skills, editing skills, and literary terms. This exam will count for 25% of the student’s final grade.

In compliance with the Wayne County Board of Education Attendance Guidelines, your child may not be absent more than six (6) days per semester. Please take time to read over your child’s handbook concerning attendance and make-up work policies. I will stay after school at least three days each week to assist students that need help with assignments or to make up missed assignments. I do not give re-tests and homework not turned in on the due date will be a zero. Also, in accordance with school policies, cheating on an assignment will result in a failing grade on the assignment for all involved students and an office referral. Any work missed due to an absence may be made up, but tests and quizzes must be made up after school.

Your child has been given a list of needed supplies. Required materials should be brought to class by Friday of the first week. Each student is responsible for keeping an up-to-date binder which should be brought to class each day.

I expect the very best from each of my students. As your child’s teacher I will give my best to ensure that your child receives a quality education while in my classroom. Please call the school at 705-6060 or email me at amandabeck@wcps.org if you have any questions. I am available for conferences after school or during my planning period. I look forward to teaching your child this semester. Together we will make this a very successful semester.


Ms. Amanda L. Beck


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