English - Jesse Jones


  1. Mr. Jesse Jones

    12th Grade



    919-705-6060 Ext. 4299

    Conference Times: I can be available any day after school at the request of a parent.


  2. Course Description: “English IV focuses on a chronological survey of British literature in relation to the history of Great Britain. The literary study will help students continue developing skills in reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition. Students will continue their development of effective writing skills through expository and persuasive essays, original narratives, and speeches; students will also continue developing skills in editing their writing” (Wayne County Public Schools High School Course Registration Catalog 13).
  3. Materials Needed: Paper and pen or pencil. One assignment will require crayons.
  4. Classroom Rules:
    1. Be in your assigned seat when the tarty bell rings.
    2. Raise your hand before speaking in class.
    3. Address everyone around you and myself by the proper title or name.
    4. Follow the school dress code.
    5. Have your cell phones on silent and put away. You will not need them for this class.
  5. Grading Scale:

    A = 90 – 100                                             D = 60 - 69

    B = 80 – 89                                               F = Below 60

    C = 70 – 79

    Final exams count as 20% of your grade.

  6. Grade Weights/Percentages:

    Tests (tests on the readings) = 40%

    Quizzes (weekly vocabulary quizzes) = 25%

    Homework = 20%

    Journals (one per week) = 15%

  7. Attendance:
    • Students having more than six unexcused absences for this class period will be in immediate jeopardy of not receiving credit for the course.
    • Students must be present a minimum of one hour to be counted present for the class period.
    • Students have five student days to turn in makeup work immediately upon their return to school.
  8. Chronological Order of Assignments:

Beowulf                                   “A Modest Proposal”                         

Canterbury Tales                    Assorted Sonnets

Poetry Assorted                      Brave New World

Dracula                                   Research Paper                      

The Tragedy of Macbeth


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