Microsoft IT Academy – Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher Course Syllabus

Microsoft IT Academy – Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher

 Course Syllabus

 Amanda Mozingo, Room 205

 In this course we will learn:


1.01  Share and maintain documents

1.02  Format content

1.03  Apply page layout and reusable content

1.04  Include illustrations and graphics in a document

1.05  Proofread documents

1.06  Apply references and hyperlinks

1.07  Perform mail merge operations


2.01 Manage the PowerPoint environment

2.02 Create a slide presentation

2.03 Work with graphical and multimedia elements

2.04 Create charts and tables

2.05 Apply transitions and animations

2.06 Collaborate on a presentation

2.07 Prepare a presentation for delivery

2.08 Deliver a presentation


3.01 Plan, design, create, save and exit various publications

3.02 Create professional-looking publications by modifying the text

3.03 Create professional-looking publications with the use of graphics

3.04 Use design and formatting elements to enhance text

3.05 Create and edit multipage publications

Grading Policy

 Students will take objective tests. Students will be required to take the Microsoft Word 2010 and PowerPoint 2010 certification tests.  The average of these tests will count as 50% of the student’s final exam grade.  The other 50% of the final exam grade will be the state IMS test.  I am available for conferences after school. If students need to makeup work or need extra help, I am available by appointment.

Grading Scale

40% Tests

30% Classwork (computer work, homework, in class assignments)

20% Quizzes

10% Bell Ringers

Classroom Expectations

  • Be in the room and seated when the bell rings.
  • Respect others while they are talking.
  • Raise your hand to be recognized.
  • Always bring supplies to class.
  • Follow all school rules as stated in the SWHS handbook.

Classroom Computer Rules

  • Do not use flash drives or any other storage media.
  • Save your work frequently.
  • Do not play non-instructional games.
  • Do not print out your work for other people.
  • Do not listen to music or watch videos online.
  • Do not download anything to computers without permission.
  • If you notice anything broken, report it immediately.

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