Health Team Relations

Health Team Relations Syllabus

Nann A. Hatcher, RN ADN, BSN, MHSA


2nd Period Planning Fall Semester 2017


Course Number: 7210

Course Textbook: Health Career Explorations

Course Description: This course introduces the students to the health care field. Topics include the study of Medical Terminology, Medical Mathematics, History and Trends of Health Care, Health Care Systems, Personal Qualities of a Health Care Worker, Careers in Health Care, Legal and Ethical Responsibilities, Cultural Diversity, and Health Focus Exploration.


This course is recommended for all students, grades 10-12, who may want to prepare for further study in a health care career. Health Team Relations is offered in a 90-minute block, five days a week, each semester and is one elective credit towards high school graduation requirements.

Course Outline, Competencies, and Objectives:

A. Medical Terminology
HT01        Use medical abbreviations and terminology
HT01.01   Identify abbreviations commonly used in a health care setting   
HT01.02   Define prefixes, suffixes, and root words
HT01.03   Combine word parts to form commonly used medical terms     
B. History & Trends of Health Care
HT02       Evaluate historical contributions in the development of health care
HT02.01   Discuss medical treatments/beliefs Ancient Civilizations-Renaissance.
HT02.02   Describe medical advances made in 16th-20th century health care
HT02.03   Research men/women who made historical contributions to health care
HT02.04   Explore current trends in health care
C. Health Care Systems
HT03        Analyze services provided in the health care delivery system
HT03.01   Investigate the services of health care facilities
HT03.02   Describe government and nonprofit agencies
HT03.03   Discuss the basic principles of different health insurance plans
D. Personal Qualities of a Health Care Worker
HT04       Demonstrate personal & professional standards of health care worker
HT04.01  Demonstrate personal and professional appearance and characteristics
HT04.02  Utilize elements of effective communication
HT04.03  Apply principles of leadership and teamwork
HT04.04  Analyze stressors and stress management skills
HT04.05  Practice time management skills
E. Careers in Health Care
HT05        Analyze medical and health care careers
HT05.01   Investigate educational requirements and levels of training
HT05.02   Analyze dental, diagnostic, emergency, and health information services
HT05.03   Analyze careers in health care facility services, medical services, mental 
               health, and social services
HT05.04   Analyze mortuary, nursing, nutrition and dietary careers
HT05.05   Analyze therapeutic services, veterinary medicine, and vision services
HT05.06   Apply self-assessment for career planning/revise an individual career
              development plan
 Legal & Ethical Responsibilities
HT06       Analyze legal and ethical responsibilities in health care
HT06.01   Analyze the legal responsibilities that apply to torts
HT06.02   Analyze contracts, privileged communications, and HIPAA
HT06.03   Evaluate ethical and professional standards in a health care setting
G. Cultural Diversity 
HT07        Analyze cultural diversity in the delivery of health care
HT07.01   Discuss concepts of culture, ethnicity, and race
HT07.02   Analyze behaviors and their cultural significance
HT07.03   Evaluate cultural and spiritual beliefs regarding health care
H. Medical Math
HT08        Analyze the use of medical mathematics in the health care system
HT08.01   Identify and use household and metric units
HT08.02   Convert among metric and standard measurements
HT08.03   Use Roman Numerals and the 24-Hour Clock
I. Health Focus Exploration
HT09        Explore selected topic(s) within the health care community
HT09.01   Identify and explore selected topics that relate to the health care
              community and pursuit of a health profession

Materials Needed

*Hard cover three ring notebook                                                                       
*Notebook dividers and notebook paper *
riting utensils Pencil (#2) & Pen (black or blue ink only)
*Index cards: White or Color    

  Grading Scale                                                                                                                            

*First nine weeks: 40%            *Written Unit Test: 40%        A=90-100                      
*Second nine weeks: 40%       *Classwork/Projects: 30%       B=80-89
*Written Unit Test: 40%           *Clinical/Skills: 30%              C=70-79
*Final Written Exam: 10%                                                   D=60-69
*Final Clinical Exam: 10%                                                    F=Below 60 

    Evaluation Methods
    1. You will have a comprehensive unit test after each unit is completed.  It will be orally

              announced and also written on the board in advance of the actual test date. You will

             also be given a study guide/review before each test is given. 
    2.  You will be given a classwork grade for projects, as well as, participation in class
focused on curriculum topics.
   Course Requirements 
    1.  You are expected to be in class. This class covers a lot of information and it is difficult to

         keep up when you are absent. If you need help, please let me know, I will be glad to tutor

        you and I am able to meet with you before school or after to help you make-up work.
    2.  You are expected to submit all required work on time.
    3.  If you are absent on a day when a test is given, a make-up test must be taken within five
student days upon your return to school. You have five (5) student days upon your
to school to turn in any missed classwork, projects, and clinical/skills assignments.
to comply with these requirements will result in a zero for your grade.
    4. Students having more than six (6) unexcused absences during this class period will be
immediate jeopardy of not receiving credit for this course.
    5. Students must be present a minimum of one (1) hour to be counted present for a


 1. No cell phones on during lecture.
2. No gum or food in classroom.
3. No profanity or inappropriate language in classroom.
4. Be in class each day. (Aim for 100% attendance)
5. No sleeping in class. (EVER)
6. Show respect in class (To everyone, at all times)
7. Follow WCPS & SWHS rules.      


I encourage all students to join and actively participate in our student organization, HOSA (Health Occupations Student of America).  I believe it is a growing experience for students, enhancing their leadership skills and self-esteem!!

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