Health Science II

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Health Science II

Nann A. Hatcher, RN ADN, BSN, MHSA


3rd Period Planning  Spring Semester 2015


Course Number: 7242

Course Textbook:  Diversified Health Occupations

Prerequisite: Health Science I

Course Description: This course is designed to help students expand their understanding of financing and trends of health care agencies, fundamentals of wellness, legal and ethical issues, concepts of teamwork, and effective communications. Students will learn health care skills, including current CPR and first aid training. English language arts and science are reinforced in this course. Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course include internship, mentorship, service learning, and job shadowing. HOSA competitive events, community service, and leadership activities provide the opportunity to apply essential standards and workplace readiness skills through authentic experiences.


This course offered at the junior and senior level and recommended for students who wants to prepare for further study in a health care career at college level. It is offered in a one period block, five days a week, and is one elective credit towards high school graduation requirements.

 Articulation Course Credit can be earned through Wayne Community College.

 See Ms. Hatcher or Mrs. Pam King for details.


Course Outline, Competencies, and Objectives:


      Unit A: Healthcare Foundation Standards, Safety, and Infection Control

           Objectives:   1.00   Understand healthcare foundation standards        

                                   1.01   Remember elements of healthcare career decision-making

                                   1.02   Understand effective communication

1.03     Understand healthcare agencies, finances, and trends

1.04     Understand legal and ethical issues in healthcare

1.05     Understand concepts of teamwork

1.06     Understand the fundamentals of wellness


                                    2.00   Understand safety and infection control procedures

                                    2.01   Understand safety procedures
                                    2.02     Understand infection control procedures


Unit B: Health Science Standards and Emergency Procedures

           Objectives:     3.00   Understand health science standards

                                     3.01  Understand diagnostic and therapeutic services

                                     3.02  Understand health informatics

  3.03   Understand support services

  3.04   Understand biotechnology research and development


                                     4.00 Apply procedures to provide basic emergency care

                                     4.01 Apply procedures to provide CPR

                                     4.02 Apply procedures to provide first aid

                                     4.03 Apply procedures to complete clinical internship


                         Materials Needed                                                                                            

  *Hard cover three ring notebook                                                                                                                                                                      

  *Notebook paper and dividers                                                                                                     

  *Writing utensils: Pencil (#2) & Pen (black or blue ink only)



                                                                     Grading Scale
   *Written Unit Test: 40%

   *Class work/Projects: 35%

   *Final Written Exam: 12.5%

       *Final Clinical Exam: 12.5%   


Evaluation Methods
1.        You will have a major unit test, written and hands-on, after each unit is completed. It will  

       be orally announced and also written on the board at least three days in advance of

       the actual test date. You will also be given a study guide/review before each test is given.

2.        You will be given a class work grade for group projects and participation in class discussions on curriculum topics.



1.  You are expected to be in class. This class covers a lot of information and it is difficult to keep up when you are absent. If you need help, please let me know, I will be glad to tutor you and I am able to meet with you before school or after to help you make-up work.

2.  You are expected to submit all required work on time.

3.  If you are absent on a day when a test is given, a make-up test must be taken within five (5) days after you return to school. If you miss any class work and/or homework assignments, make-up work will be given and must be completed within five (5) days after you return to school. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a failing grade. It is your responsibility to schedule a time with the teacher to make up missed work.




1.    No running your mouth when I’m running mine!  

      Respect the teacher and your classmates. Don’t talk when someone else is talking.


2.    No words from your lips that don’t cross the teacher’s lips! 

      No swearing, teasing, bulling, gossiping, or name calling. NO obscene or vulgar

      language in the classroom for any reason! Respect all ideas given in class and do

      not criticize or make fun of anyone’s ideas or thoughts.


3.    Food, Drink, Gum, and Cell Phones are not allowed in this


      Cell phones should be turned off or to silent mode before entering classroom and

      kept out of sight! Food and drinks are allowed only if you have a 504 plan! Gum is

      not allowed!


4.  If You Snooze, You Loose!

      Come to class prepared to learn! Get enough rest and eat balanced meals each

      day. NO SLEEPING is allowed in this classroom.


5.     Ruff and Ready!

      Have your pencils sharpened, pen, paper, and notebooks with you. Do not interrupt

      other students’ learning by coming to class late or asking to leave the classroom

      during instructional time. Be in the classroom when the bell rings and ready to start!


6.     SWHS and WCPS Rules!

All Southern Wayne High School and Wayne County Public Schools rules apply to the classroom!


I encourage all students to join and actively participate in our student organization, HOSA (Health Occupations Student of America).  I believe it is a growing experience for students, enhancing their leadership skills and self-esteem!!


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