Band Handbook

Band Handbook

Southern Wayne High School

Band Handbook

The Band program at Southern Wayne is designed to meet the individual needs of the students enrolled at their level of musical accomplishment, and to increase their musical skills, knowledge, and aesthetic awareness.

This program also gives the student an opportunity to become involved with an organization that, while stressing individual achievement, also emphasizes student responsibility to others and to the school.

The purpose of this handbook is to acquaint the student with as much information as is possible to give concerning the Band program.  Students are encouraged to read this handbook and keep it as a handy reference.  Parents are encouraged to read this handbook so they can understand more fully the program their child is involved in, and the necessary policies for the organization to function efficiently and effectively.



The performing organizations of Southern Wayne High School offer to the students a balanced program of instrumental music.  Each organization is important in its own right.  However, all are vehicles for teaching music skills, knowledge, and aesthetic awareness as set forth in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for instrumental music.


This class is offered to students not wishing to march, students who have not been continuously enrolled in band, or students who are changing instruments. Performances are featured at appropriate times during the year with the Concert Band.  Small ensemble playing is a vital part of the learning process in this class.  Much time is spent reinforcing the skills of rhythmic reading, scales and tone production.


This class is designed for the advanced student.  Music materials come from the grade 3,4, and 5 levels of the state music list.  This is a performing organization and its members are also members of the Marching Band.  Performances include a Christmas concert, All-District Music Festival, Middle School performances, Spring concert, Graduation, and any other performances or contests the director deems musically educational.



The Marching Band is an extension of the Concert Band.  Members of the Concert Band are required to march.  Rehearsals for this performing group are held after school.  Routines and maneuvers in corps-style marching will be studied and performed.  Other marching styles will be explored and performed as the director deems is educational and beneficial for the organization.  This Band and its accompanying units perform at all home football games, various area parades, and other performances the Director deems musically educational.



This organization is for the advanced musician interested in learning about and performing jazz music.  Styles to be covered include swing, Dixieland, blues, rock, and other jazz forms.  Membership into this group is by invitation and/or audition.  The students participating in this group must also purchase a special uniform.  Performances will include area school assemblies, community functions, Jazz festivals, and any other performances the Director deems musically educational.



The grading system for a student in band takes into effect the student’s personal development in relation to his/her contribution to the organization.  This system is designed to reflect a student’s standing in three areas of musical development and organization responsibility.  They are:  performance/personal achievement, daily work, and attendance.  The nine-week grade will be divided into 50% performance and 50% daily work, which includes attendance.


Performance/Personal Achievement


Performances will include all public appearances, solo work, and in class evaluation.  Each one will be graded separately and the total number of grades averaged at the end of the nine-weeks.  Any unexcused absence from a performance will automatically result in a grade of one for that performance.


Daily Work


The Daily work grade will be based upon a total of 100 points per nine-weeks.  Students begin each grading period with the full 100 points.  Points will be deducted for infractions that do not contribute to the personal development of the student or to the goals of the organization.   



The importance of students' attendance and participation cannot be over emphasized.  It is vital to the success of each individual and to any performing organization.  The Director will make every effort to provide the students and parents with a schedule of practices and performances with no less than two weeks notice.  It is, therefore, necessary to establish guidelines for excused and unexcused absences to rehearsals and performances.


Students will be EXCUSED from rehearsals: a) to make-up tests when no other test date is available; b) to attend doctor’s appointments with verification; and c) for sudden illness IF notification is given in writing and the missed time is made up at a later date.


Students will be EXCUSED from performances for medical reasons verified by a doctor’s note, or death in the student’s immediate family.  Understanding that circumstances may sometimes arise that would prevent a student’s participation in a performance, parents are asked to notify the Director no less than two weeks prior to the performance.  Students who are granted an excused absence are required to make-up all work missed within 5 school days of returning to school.





Because students can loose points due to factors that do not contribute to the student’s personal development or organizational goals; the grading system also allows students to regain points that have been deducted.  Also understand, that through the accumulation of merit points a student’s daily grade may exceed the 100 point base total.  MERIT POINTS may be earned through service to the organization and by achieving personal development beyond the classroom requirements.  Below is a list of plus points that may be earned:


1 POINT per ½ hour of service; documented on paper and verified by the
Director or appropriate student leader.


1 POINT per ½ hour of individual practice, documented and signed on required

                practice chart.


1 POINT per page of a written report on a relevant composer, musician, or musical



3 POINTS per satisfactory performance of a solo.


10 POINTS for selection to the All-county Band


10 POINTS for auditioning for the All-District Band


20 POINTS for selection to the All-District Band


20 POINTS for audition and/or selection to the All-State Band


10 POINTS for participation in any other honor Band


Musical activities other than those listed will be rewarded merit points on an individual basis.  Proof must be submitted; i.e. program, ticket stub, etc.



Student incentives


MARCHING BAND awards will be given to students who attend 100% of the performances, 90% of rehearsals with no unexcused absences, and no discipline referrals.


BAND LETTERS will be awarded at the end of the year to students who have been enrolled in band the full year, have maintained an over-all “A” average in band, have no unexcused absences, no Out of School Suspensions, and participate in at least one fundraising activity.      


Other awards include the   EXCELLENCE IN MARCHING award, the JOHN PHILIP SOUSA award, the PATRICK GIMORE award, and the LOUIS ARMSTRONG jazz award.


Other incentives that would be too lengthy to list will be used throughout the year on a weekly and daily basis.







It is highly important for each student to maintain his/her instrument in its best possible playing condition.  Therefore random instrument inspections will be conducted to ensure students have the required materials for proper playing.  Students who are found to be negligent will have points deducted for improper equipment.




 Woodwinds players should have:

1.     Swab or cleaning cloth

2.     Cork grease

3.     3 playable reeds at all times

4.     Reed guard that holds no less than 2 reeds

5.     Pad saver (recommended, not required)


Brass players should have:

1.     Cleaning cloth

2.     Mouth piece brush

3.     Cleaning snake

4.     Valve oil

5.     Slide grease/Vaseline

6.     Straight mute


Percussion  players should have:

1.     Drum key

2.     Stick bag

3.     Standard concert band snare drum sticks

4.     School issued mallets/sticks

5.     Performance equipment

6.     Personal practice pad (recommended, not required)

7.     Notebook




1.     Music

2.     Class band book

3.     Pencil

4.     Other class materials issued by the director




All students who participate in a band class are required to dress in an appropriate manner for performances.  The appearance of a performing group sends a very clear message about its members. 


MARCHING BAND members are required to purchase t-shirts, shorts, shoes, gloves and white socks.  Each member is also issued a school uniform that is returned and kept by the school.  All items of the uniform are to be kept clean and wrinkle free.  Shoes should be clean and free of dirt and visible scuff marks.


JAZZ ENSEMBLE members are also required to purchase a tuxedo styled uniform with black shoes, and black socks (or hose for ladies).  All parts of the uniform should be stain free, clean, and wrinkle free.


CONCERT BAND members are asked to wear clothes that are considered to be appropriate for semi formal occasions.  Ladies are asked to wear dresses or skirts of appropriate length, or very dressy pant suits.  Gentlemen are asked to wear dress slacks, button-up shirt and tie, or sweater.  Shirts with mandarin collars will also be accepted. Color selection will be left up to the individual student, however it is requested good taste and judgment be used.   Blue jeans, pullover shirts, and athletic shoes are not considered appropriate attire for concert performances.





Students are expected to travel with the group in provided vehicles to ALL performances.  Parents are allowed to pick up students at the conclusion of performances if arrangements have been made, and notification given prior to the performance day.  Parents are asked to make personal contact with the director before leaving the performance area with their child.  Due to safety concerns students will not be allowed to meet parents at any other location other than where the performance ends.


ALL BUS RULES and policies set forth by the Wayne County Public School system will also apply to band students riding buses on band trips.   






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