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Andy Sullivan, Instructor                                               Phone:919.705.6060                                                                              
  Office Hours:  4th period and Wednesday after school


Classroom Expectations:

         1.  I will be creative.

            2.  I will be positive.

            3.  I will be respectful.

            4.  I will be responsible.

            5.  I will be on task.


 *  Be respectful of all people in the classroom.  Each student will be respectful of the teacher and will not impede classroom instruction through disruptive behavior or tardy entry to class. Be respectful of other students, and treat others in a mature and thoughtful manner.

*  Be respectful of the art materials. Respect all art materials. They are to be treated in a professional manner. Take proper care of the brushes. Do not be wasteful of paint and paper. Do not write on the tables. Do not touch the printing presses, kilns, standing easels or other art tools without a teacher’s permission. Graffiti will not be tolerated.

*  Effort. Students are expected to participate fully in all classroom activities. No student is expected to be an accomplished artist upon entry into the class. The expectation is that the student will develop skills, through practice, during the year. Students will use all class time for ART class work only.

*  Horseplay in the classroom. No horseplay of any kind will be tolerated in the Art classroom. Horseplay endangers students and those around them as well as putting creative endeavors at risk.

*  Food. School policy states that food, gum, and beverages are not allowed in the classroom. Students are not to bring those items into the classroom.

*  Preparation. You will bring your Sketchbook , pen, and pencil to class everyday.

*  Communication. If you are having a problem with this class do not assume that I know.  It is your responsibility to communicate with me, so that you will have a successful experience.  I can not help with what I do not know.

*  Class Dismissal. You are dismissed by the teacher only after all supplies and materials are accounted for, stored properly and the room is cleaned.

Infractions of Rules:

ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE GIVEN TO STUDENTS WHO DO NOT PROPERLY USE THE CLASS PERIOD OR SUPPLIES. Examples of behavior that would warrant alternative assignments are misuse of art materials, distracting behavior or disrespectful behavior.


1st offense: Visual/ verbal reminder by teacher

2nd offense: Discussion with teacher about infraction/parent contact

3rd  offense: written behavior contract

4th  offense: office referral

*See student handbook for discipline procedures.


Grading policy:  Each student is graded on an individual basis. No cross-class comparisons will be made. I grade on my expectations of you and your growth as an individual. Your projects will be graded with the following criteria in mind:

Effort- this means always striving for your personal best
Craftsmanship- you have taken your time and done a careful job
Creativity/Originality- you have developed your own idea and not copied someone else's
Following instructions- you have met the criteria outlined for each assignment


A = Excellent, outstanding effort, exceeds expectations; “WOW!!!”    
A​ ​=​ ​90​ ​–​ ​100

B = Strong work, very good B​ ​=​ ​80​ ​–​ ​89

C = Fair, adequate, looks finished. C​ ​=​ ​70​ ​–​ ​79

D/F= work does not demonstrate North Carolina standards.

D​ ​=​ ​60​ ​–​ ​69

F​ ​=​ ​Below​ ​60






Your total grade will be broken down in the following way:

40% Projects
30% Work Grades (Daily Points)
30% 1st 15 daily sketches.


Art 1 Curriculum

Elements: Line, shape, form, texture, color, value, space

Principles: Unity, balance, emphasis, contrast/variety, pattern, movement, rhythm

Media: pencil, pen, collage, colored pencil, charcoal, tempera /acrylic paint, ceramics, mixed media sculpture

Units of study: Line, composition, value, perspective, color/painting, figure drawing & portraiture



  1. Absences & tardies interfere with your learning & success.  Be here, on time.
  2. If you are absent, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what you missed & make it up ASAP.  


Deadlines:  Projects are usually due the next day after the last day we work on it in classLate work will be evaluated occurring to handbook policies.  Please communicate difficulties/emergencies with me as needs arise. 


Open Studio:  Wednesday After school.


Supplies Needed:

1. 6- #2 pencils (not mechanical)

2. Large Eraser

3. Two Black Felt tip markers (PREFERABLY SHARPIES)- 1 thin/ 1 thick

4. sketchbook (bound blank paper with at least 50 sheets)

5. Box of Colored Pencils

6. Scissors


Sources for Art Supplies:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            





Office Depot                                                                                                                         




Dear Student & Parents:


I am delighted about your interest in fine arts and about working with you this year.  Hopefully, this syllabus has provided sufficient information regarding curriculum, expectations and grading policy.  The keys to success in this program are regular attendance, a positive attitude and good work habits.  If you have questions, please ask.  I read email daily and respond promptly.  I try to check my mail box at school daily.


I anticipate that this class will be an exciting, productive experience and look forward to sharing art work with parents, the school and the community.  Check the SWHS website for our future student gallery.

Your signature on the tear strip acknowledges that you are aware of and support these expectations for your student.                                                                                             




Andy Sullivan

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