Exploring Space "The Final Frontier"

COURSE SYLLABUS FOR: AS300 COURSE NAME: Exploring Space, the High Frontier CREDIT HOURS: 1 Elective Credit INSTRUCTOR NAME: Colonel Schantz COURSE MATERIAL: 1. Textbook: Exploring Space, The High Frontier (Copyright 2010 by Jones and Bartlett Learning, LLC) 2. Selected Motion Pictures (The Right Stuff, October Skies, Apollo 13, The Red Planet, Mission to Mars) 3. 3-Ring Binder 4. AFJROTC Student Notebook 5. NC-023 AFJROTC Cadet Handbook COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course introduces students to the basic concepts of Space Science and Space Exploration COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. Familiarize students with the Space Environment, covering the history of Astronomy, the Earth and the Mood, the Sun and the Solar System, and Deep Space 2. Familiarize students with the Exploration of Space, pondering the question “why explore space”, looking at how to assemble a Space Mission, looking at the hazards for spacecraft, and contemplating how to make space safer for people. 3. Familiarize students with manned and unmanned spaceflight, touching upon the Manned Space Programs, the Space Shuttle, Space Stations and Beyond, and the Unmanned Missions of Space Probes. 4. Familiarize students with Space Technology, covering Orbits and Trajectories, Rockets and Launch Vehicles, Robotics in Space, and Commercial Use of Space UNIFORM DAY: Uniforms will be worn on Wednesdays GRADING PROCEDURES: This academic portion of the AFJROTC counts 40% of the overall AFJROTC grade and is taught and graded by the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI). The Leadership Education (LE), which includes Drill and Ceremony, counts for 40% and will be graded by the Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI). Physical training (PT) will count for 20% of the overall grade. 1. Homework/Classwork (20%): Each student workbook chapter will count as one homework grade. ROTC notebook checks are also included in this graded area. 2. Tests (25%): Given after each chapter and at the end of each semester 3. Performance (25%): Includes in-class and PT uniform participation and behavior 4. Uniform (30%): this grade is a combined course grade (LE & AS). This grade is given for the proper wear of the ROTC uniform on each Wednesday. 5. A final exam will cover all of the semester material and will count 25% of your final grade. ASSIGNMENTS: 1. All cadets will maintain a 3-ring binder containing he Notebook requirements page which lists; Course Syllabus, Academic and Leadership Semester schedule, Cadet Handbook, Dress and Personal Appearance Letter, Local Guidelines for Uniform Day, Cadet Honor Code, Instructor Rotation Schedule, Lesson Quizzes, Uniform Quick Reference and Uniform Homework, notebook paper and pen or pencil. Notebooks will be checked periodically. 2. Quiz given at the end of each lesson. 3. Test given at the end of each 9-weeks.
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